Why Many Financial Advisers Aren’t Worried About Posting Anti-Trump Opinions

Why Many Financial Advisers Aren’t Worried About Posting Anti-Trump Opinions

It’s common for parents to teach their children not to discuss politics in polite company, and the practice is especially rare amongst financial advisors who don’t want to accidentally offend a client who might hold differing political views. At the most, “politics” only came up in the context of discussing potential policy changes in Washington, and the impact it might have on either investors/markets in general, or a client’s financial plan in particular.  Powell notes that with the rise of President Trump, it’s become increasingly common for many financial advisors to share their political views, especially via social media platforms.

On the one hand, some believe the shift is simply due to the fact that social media, including sharing political views via social media, just simply become more socially acceptable. On the other hand, some advisors note that their political beliefs are so strong, they don’t care if they upset and lose a client from the other side of the political aisle, and prefer to work with clients with whom they have shared beliefs anyway. In fact, while advocating for or against any highly political figure is likely to offend at least some prospects and clients (and there are pro-Trump advisors speaking out more as well), what impairs a relationship with some may also resonate especially well with others, and could attract as many clients as it repels anyway (or even more, if being publicly political actually becomes a viable differentiator for the advisor!).

Notably, the nature of political posts also varies by social media platform – as advisors seem to be more likely to post politically on Facebook (which is more often used personally) than other platforms like Twitter (which is more often a professional platform for learning and sharing expertise). At a minimum, though, marketing experts urge that if advisors are going to speak up on political issues, they should have a plan for whether/how they’ll deal with any pushback that may arise, as making civil political posts is one thing, but an emotional outburst on social media is another.


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