Revisions To CFP Board’s CE Poli

Revisions To CFP Board’s CE Poli

Earlier this month, the CFP Board announced a series of revisions to its continuing education requirements for CFP certificants that will take effect on February 1st. The changes do not impact the total number of continuing education hours required, but will make some adjustments to the types of activities that are eligible for CE credit in the first place. Relevant changes include: CFP Board will continue to provide CE credit for coursework to pursue other designations, but will no longer count the time it takes to study for and pass an exam for a designation or license (ostensibly including FINRA self-study exams); “authorship” CE for writing white papers or full-length research articles, or for creating presentations, will no longer have a specific word count requirement and credit can be received for being a secondary author (but writing short newspaper or magazine articles, Q&As, or company newsletter articles for clients, still won’t count), but available CE credit is fixed at the length of presentation plus 2 hours for presentations, and 15 hours for Journal articles; CE credit for “teaching” CE courses is being tightened to only include adjunct or full-time professors at colleges or universities where instruction is equal to a minimum of 30 hours per quarter/semester (but not for providing CE presentations at other types of educational events, although development of the presentation would still be eligible for one-time presentation-authorship CE); and teaching the CFP Board’s Ethics CE program will satisfy the instructor’s own Ethics CE requirement (so Ethics instructors don’t have to separately sit through an Ethics class themselves). In addition, when it comes to self-reporting CE credits from non-registered CE programs, the CFP Board is increasing the filing fee from $25 to $40 per program, and will only be honored if submitted through the CFP Board’s online form via its website (i.e., faxed or mailed CE reporting will no longer be accepted).


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