How to Do More Speaking Engagements and Attain More Clients

All consultants, experts, and professional services business leader needs to establish their thought-leadership in order to stand out from the crowd and be heard over the noise.

The quickest, simple less way to do that is by speaking to target groups.

However, there is a catch: In order to be chosen to speak, you have to position and package yourself like a high-credibility speaker, not someone who is just trolling for clients!

There are three and only three things you need in order to position and package yourself as a “real deal” speaker whom meeting planners, conference producers, and executives will feel comfortable putting in front of their people:

  1. A sharp and reliant website that looks good and works well.
  2. A well-designed, high-impact speaker one-sheet to describe your talks and presentations.
  3. A 30-60-minute presentation that is content-packed, valuable, relevant, and that helps and serves your audience – and does NOT pitch, sell, or promote your or your company’s services.

Remember: You’re never more than one good presentation away from generating new clients and new revenue.

Live well and prosper!


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